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Full Version: Waypoint GPX file format for data MFD A78
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I have read that the MFD A78 takes waypoints in the DDMMM.MMM format yet it looks like the data in the file is all DD.DDDDDD is that correct?
If I have a file of DD.DDDDD format waypoints do I have to convert them to DDMMM.MMM if I want to import a file of waypoints?
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As you have indicated, waypoint, route point, and track points included within a GPS Exchange Format (GPX) file are specified as real numbers in units of degrees. This programming detail is hidden from users who export data from their products (chartplotters, MFDs, computer based navigational planning software, computer based Waypoint/Route/Track File programs, etc.) in GPX file format. However should waypoint coordinates be manually entered into a Raymarine MFD via its user interface, then the user will need to enter the whole number of degrees and the real number of minutes for the coordinate being entered.
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