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Full Version: ST60 Wind - Suspect wire damage
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I have reason to suspect wire damage in the mast. However I am confused by the readings I get:
Instrument powers up displays --- and straight up arrow.
When all wires are connected I have 8V across all 4 wires from GND
(does this indicate continuity to the masthead and back?)
When only GND and Red connected, I have 8V from
GND to Red and also 8V on the return line from the masthead on Blue Green Yellow.
So I am confused as to what I'm seeing or, coincidentally with the extreme street on the wires did the transducer fail.?
Anyway, thanks for any input!
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Michael,

A shorted cable would be determined by disconnecting the masthead transducer from the mounting block, disconnecting the transducer cable's leads from the wind instrument, and then testing for continuity between the transducer cable's leads. Should continuity be sensed, then a the cable would be determined to have suffered a failure. Based upon the symptoms reported, it would appear that the masthead's circuitry has failed. It is accordingly recommended that the masthead be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced.
Thank you for the reply. As I will testing continuity from the top of the mast to the base, considering that is 60 feet, how is that done?

The unfortunate fact of the continuity test requires that the masthead be disconnected from the mounting block ... i.e. someone will need to go aloft. One would then test for continuity between any of the transducer cable's leads. Should continuity be observed then the cable would be deemed to have a shorted cable, necessitating its replacement. Should the cable prove to not be shorted, then the masthead transducer should be sent to Raymarine's Product Repair Center to be bench tested/serviced or replaced.
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