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Full Version: Transducer selection
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I'm sold on upgrading to a refit of an all new system for my vessel, Going with an Axiom based system.

What is the best selection of a real vision transducer for this system?

Vessel is a 1998 Grady White 272 Sailfish. I have two "transducer flats" one on either side of the keel. Both are higher than the keel.

Will i require the paired set of transducers? Which version of the paired set?

Could I use a single transom mount transducer and get the same performance?

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Chuck,

Are the hull's flats which you have identified oriented fore-aft and does this create a mounting surface which is parallel to the surface of the water? What is the deadrise of the hull? With respect to vertical distance, how much vertical distance is there from the keel to the flat (I'm concerned that the hull may cast a blind shadow on the opposite side of the hull)?
Attached is a picture of the "ducer flat" looking at the starboard side. The port side would be a mirror image. The white line is a rope.

I am concerned that installation of a 0 deg RV transducer on one of the flat mounting surfaces would result in a blind spot and/or an aerated flow of water across the face of the transducer. Instead, it would be recommended that a 12 degree or 20 degree Axiom RV transducer pair (version based upon the deadrise of the hull) be installed slightly forward of the flat transducer mounting surfaces shown within your photo.
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