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Full Version: Axiom 12 routes, tracks and waypoints import/export/sync
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How do I import and export or sync my routes, waypoints and tracks between the Axiom 12 with Navionics+ and my other devices (PC, Phones, cloud Navionics data)?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Alan,

In order to assist customers in determining whether a product's current features will meet the customer's needs, Raymarine maintains the latest versions of its product documentation on its website. The currently supported features of Raymarine's Axiom MFDs may be found within the latest version of the LightHouse 3 Advanced Operation Instructions. Like operation guides for most consumer products, such documentation is designed to document the features supported by the product, not those which are unsupported. At the time of this posting, these instructions did not specify support for integration with mobile apps, Raymarine or third party. As of the date of this response, LightHouse 3 software neither supports Wi-Fi integration with the Raymarine Mobile Apps nor with third party mobile apps. As of the date of this response, LightHouse 3 software exclusively supported waypoint/route/track data transfer via microSD memory card from GPX data files (see section 4.5 of the LightHouse 3 Advance Operation Instructions). It is recommended that Navionics be contacted to determine how to create a GPX file from the Navionics Boating app.

Raymarine has logged a feature request to add support for waypoint/route synchronization with the Navionics Boating app with Raymarine MFDs operating with LightHouse 3 software.

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