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Full Version: changing shared brightness settings
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I have setup my e95 at the helm to be on the same shared brightness network group as my instruments.
is it possible to change the day/night brightness setting of all these displays at the same time?
At dusk I would like to change the day white/color settings to the night red/black settings on my displays and then reverse this process in the morning.

now I have to go to each instrument display and the e95 and make this change.

thanks for your help.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum John,

While it is possible to control the backlight illumination level across a group of networked i50, i60, i70/i70S, p70/p70S/p70R/p70S, and the system's a/c/e/eS/gS-Series MFDs via the Shared Brightness feature, it is not possible to change the MFD's Color Theme from and instrument or instrument Colors setting from a MFD. Should the i70/i70S and p70/p70S/p70R/p70S all be operating with the latest available Raymarine product software updates and configured to the same Shared Brightness Group, then changing the Colors setting on any i70/i70S or p70/p70S/p70R/p70RS should change the Colors setting within all of the 70/i70S and p70/p70S/p70R/p70RS devices within the same Shared Brightness group.
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