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Full Version: DSM300 transducer problem
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I have a question about my DSM300 and P319 through hull transducer. I think I know the answer, but just want to double check.

At first, my DSM300 wasn't communicating with the E120 multifunction. I got that fixed by correcting the installation. Now, I still can communicate with the E120 and DSM300, but the transducer stops pinging. It's disabled, and I can't turn it back on.

It will work for a while, then stop. I checked the DSM300, and the led blinks amber for 1 blink. The manual says transducer is not communicating. So, I guess this means that the transducer is bad, and needs replaced?

The other thing is, my boat has twin outboards, and one battery for each, and one house battery for the electronics. I have a refrigerator that also runs off of this, and the water in my battery was a little low. I can't seem to find where my E120 will display the battery voltage. Could a low voltage condition also cause this? Replacing the battery is a lot easier than pulling the boat out of the water and replacing the transducer. I plan on charging the battery tonight, then check the battery voltage in the morning with a good DVM.

Welcome to the Raymarine Technical Forum tmitchell5188,

The problem may indeed be caused by insufficient power. It is recommended that the vessel be connect to shore power, that its batteries be permitted to be fully charged, and after doing so and while still connected to shore power, that the system be tested again. Should the problem persist, then it is recommended that the DSM be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench tested/serviced.

Irrespective of the country in which the DSM30/300 was manufactured or when the DSM was purchased, should a customer experience a DSM30/300 failure within a system using an Ethernet network (SeaTalkhs/RayNet) to support communications between the DSM30/300 and the MFD, and the cause of which has not been determined to have resulted from physical damage, burning, submersion, lightning, etc., then Raymarine will fix/replace the DSM free of charge.
I charged the batteries overnight. Tested it, it worked. Measured the voltage, and it was 12.65 Volts. Parked the boat for a short time, then went for a short ride. It worked for a very short time.

I called Raymarine again. I had a amber code of 1 last night, verified SW versions were current, and was transferred to level 2 support. I informed them that the DSM was connected to the E120, but the depth wasn't being displayed, ping was disabled. But the depth on the upper right was incrementing up by the last displayed value.

The level 2 tech that that indicated that the transducer is bad. So I went out and bought a replacement through hull transducer, but I can't get the old one out. So I went out and bought a transom mount. I'll try that install tomorrow.

If this doesn't work, then I'll send in my DSM300 for service. I have family coming in Saturday for a week to go fishing, and I'm trying everything I can to try and get it fixed by the weekend. I can't wait to get the DSM repaired.

Before installing the new transducer, it is recommended that you again duplicate the problem with the currently installed transducer. When the failure occurs, then it is recommended the DSM be powered OFF, that the new transducer be temporarily connected to the DSM, that the DSM then be powered ON and tested for transducer sensing with the with the new transducer. Should the DSM's status LED continue to produce the 1 amber flash code (transducer sense failure), then the DSM should be serviced. Should the DSM's status LED instead flash green, with the new transducer temporarily connected to the MFD then it would appear that the currently installed transducer is indeed bad and should be replaced.
I ended up installing a transom mount transducer. I have family coming this weekend, and I need the boat. We tried it, and I went from one amber blink, to 1 green blink every second, then it would stop, and blink 1 green blink every 10 seconds.

I called tech support, and they indicated that I had a network problem. I looked, and there was a lot of strain on the cables. I moved some plugs, and relieved the strain, and problem solved.

To sum it up:

Improper installation the 1st time, led to:

discovered through hull (P319) transducer was intermittent

Replaced with P66 transom transducer

discovered network issue due to initial install problem.

Fingers crossed....

You're welcome. With respect to communications and transducer cable routing care should be taken to ensure that these cables
- feature proper strain relief
- are/have not been subjected excessively tight radius bends (<6" diameter). Excess cable should be loosely coiled and secured to a bulkhead. Subjecting these cables to tight radius bends may result in permanent damage to the cable(s).
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