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Full Version: Odd ST60+ wind issue Thread Missing
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Earlier today you responded to me regarding my ST60 issue, but the thread appears to be missing, or is hidden as I cannot see the thread or the reply.

The issue is that the wind is in one direction, the ST60 dial points in another direction, and the ST4000+ and my chart plotter are showing an entirely different direction.

Please re-post your reply or if hidden, unhide the thread.

Lastly I have found another thread on another Ray Marine forum which suggested going into the Service Diagnostics, and one of the steps is setting the wind direction / angle. The also included a link for the Service manual. Here is the link http://raymarine.ning.com/forum/topics/t...e=activity

In the Service manual is has you pressing various keys to enter the service menu. It was unclear to me if they were referring to the buttons on the ST60, or you have to open the it the press keys on the board itself.

Ken Pfaff
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Ken,

Unfortunately, the thread was accidentally deleted earlier this morning. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing how to test the ST50/ST60 (cylindical body) masthead wind transducer.
Should the vane lead not be outputting the maximum voltage when the vane is pointing to starboard, then it would be recommended that the vane be remove from the transducer, the vane shaft should then be rotated until maximum vane voltage is observed with a meter, that the vane be oriented to starboard, and that the vane then be pressed back onto the vane shaft. After doing so, it would be recommended that the instrument be reset and then re-calibrated (to include alignment). Should the problem persist, then please respond accordingly.
Good Afternoon Chuck,

I just wanted to let you know what the solution was to my problem. I found another thread on another Ray Marine forum that references the Service manual and using the self test options to fix our problem. Are you familiar with this. Below is the link to the thread which also contains the link to the manual.

What Step 3 in the Diagnostics does is allow you to re-set 0,30, 60, 90,150, 180 etc around the compass. My ST60 was off and it did not know where these cardinal points were. Once I set and save them I then went into calibration, and adjust that to have the unit point correctly into the wind. Now my ST60, ST4000+ and B&G Zeus T7 all have the wind coming from the same correct direction.

Here is the link.
The 4 part Self Test in the Service manual linked worked for me to bring my compass points back in line.. therefore the instrument now matches the MFD.

What I need to do now is a calibration as now the ST60 and the MFD do not match the vain.. but I am sure once calibrated.. we will be good to go.

Thanks Ken for posting this.


P.S. wanted everyone reading to know. This did work. My instruments are now all in Sync and pointing where the wind is coming from! :)

Thanks for the follow-up information.
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