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Full Version: E80 E120 SeatalkNG Network Problems
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I have a E80, E120, two i70's, Smartpilot, S100 remote, a old style NMEA0183 GPS, and a few other Seattle instruments. I have been having problems with the wind and depth sensors not working or dropping out. I installed a settling backbone, connected a ITC-5, and the i70's to it. I used a seatalkNG to seatalk converter to connect the autopilot head and the e80 at the helm. I used a seatalkNG to seatalk converter at the nav station to connect the SmartPilot, S100, NMEA0183 accessories, to the E120. Can you suggest the appropriate setup for this?
Can you draw up a quick system diagram and upload it here? Also do you know the software level in the ITC-5? You can check it from the i70.
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