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Full Version: Super HD Radar acting weird
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My 1.5 year old radar is acting up. I have a 4' open array super HD radar system, part # E52081, S/N 0150102. This includes the VCM100 and antenna array. The radar is interfaced to a eS128 MFD. It was working fine, but recently I am seeing "starburst" patterns, along with reduced ability to locate other boats, coastline, etc. I can still sorta see coastline, but not like before. I have included a photo of the pattern. Any ideas?
Hello zzzxxx,

From the image you provided, it appears you are seeing significant interference. This can be caused by multiple different problems inside the radar's T/R core. My suggestion is that you send your core in for me to evaluate.

Please send the core of your radar to the following address: Raymarine Repair Department, 9 Townsend West, Nashua NH 03063.

- Dave
Dave - thanks for the reply. I am not familiar with the term "T/R core". Can you explain what components I need to send to you, and if possible, some instructions is disassembly is required.


Unfortunately, Raymarine does not have detailed instructions for removing a radar pedestal's T/R core circuitry module. However, it is quite simple to do so:
1) switch the breaker supplying power to the pedestal core OFF
2) switch the antenna rotation switch located on the exterior of the pedestal to the OFF position
3) loosen the three captured bolts securing the pedestal's upper case to the lower case.
4) tilt the upper case upward to approximately 90 degrees
5) unplug the cables connecting the pedestal electronics from the pedestal's T/R core circuitry module
6) remove the for cap screws securing the pedestal's T/R core circuitry module

The following is an image of a similar pedestal T/R core circuitry module:

[Image: raymarine-core-for-pedestal.jpg]
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