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Full Version: VHF RAY240E Handset
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The 2nd station handset on my VHF Ray240e no longer works. It was working a few months ago but some of the keys were not working - now it won't connect to the base station at all. The coiled cable is also sun damaged and frayed.

I have swapped the connections between the two handsets on the base station and confirmed that the good handset works on either connection - so I assume that the base station is not faulty.

I have tried to locate a replacement Ray240e handset (E45010) but they are out of production and no longer available anywhere.

Does anyone know if the Ray240 handset (E45009) will work with the Ray240E Base Station (E42002), and if so, where can I buy the E45009 handset?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Kevin,

A Ray240 handset may indeed be used as a replacement for a R240E handset. The keymats of these handsets are slightly different in that the button which would be responsible for private channels on the Ray240E is labeled access weather channels on the Ray240 handset.
Thanks for the good news Chuck. Just have to find one now.
Hi Chuck - having trouble obtaining the VHF Ray240 handset as well.

Will the Ray260 or Ray260E handset work with my Ray240E base station and if so, is it plug compatible? Are there any other options?


Q1. Will the Ray260 or Ray260E handset work with my Ray240E base station?
A1. Unfortunately, no.

A2. Are there any other options?
A2. Send the handset to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced.
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