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Full Version: ITC-5 voltage
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I have wind, speed and depth transducers connected to ITC-5 converter, connected to I70 instruments and ES plotter. Recently Wind direction indicator stopped reading wind direction change. Indicator on instrument only changes slightly from "stuck "position. I did test of wind transducer and read only 6 volts between red and ground. I supplied 8 volts from separate power supply and wind instrument preformed normally. The 6 volts was read off of the ITC-5 at wind power spade connector. All other instruments are working fine. I read 8 volts at the speed power connection and wondered if I could safely draw wind power from the speed power connection until I was in a position to replace or repair the ITC-5 converter. If indeed thats the problem.
Thank you for in advance for your help.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Randy,

Please excuse this late response. Based upon the voltage measurement reported, it appears that there is an issue with the iTC-5 necessitating that it be replaced or sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced.
Thanks Chuck. But Can I safely piggy back wind power off of the speed power spade connection on the ITC-5 until I can pull the ITC off the boat for repair. Thank you again for your help.

The iTC-5's Power (red) terminals of both the Wind and Compass transducer terminals are designed to output +8VDC. Accordingly, you may want to try measuring the voltage of the Power terminal of the Compass transducer terminals to determine whether it is outputting +8VDC. If so, then it may be used until such time as the iTC-5 can be serviced.
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