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Full Version: Update and ProAIS2 can't find unit
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I am connecting to a 650 with my windows 10 PC.

I have downloaded latest update and ProAIS2. Neither can see the unit.

The update searches for quite a while and finally says it can't find an AIS.

The ProAIS2 seems to see it, but stays in the identify mode indefinitely. I click connect and get a status of (determining the AIS device Type) but nothing else. Message at bottom of page is 'Connected to Serial Port: AIS Class B Transceiver (COM3)'.

Drivers were updated supposedly when I tried to update the firmware.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum kalakai,

When interfacing the AIS650 to a computer and using the PROAIS2 software, the operator must first disconnect the AIS650 from all other devices and sources of power ... i.e. the AIS650 will be only be connected to a USB cable, which in turn will be connected to the PC. Please verify that you have done so and should the problem persist, then please respond accordingly. You may also want to consider trying another USB cable before responding

Regarding update the AIS650's software, it is recommended that the AIS650's software be updated via a SD memory card rather than via an interface to a PC. If updating the AIS650's software via a SD memory card and you experience an issue, then please respond accordingly.
* Update worked fine with SD card
* Pro AIS found unit, all checked out OK

Everything seems to be working.

AIS not seeing names of vessels, only MMSI numbers, maybe it takes a while for everything to update. Not confirmed I'm broadcasting my AIS yet, but should show up after a while I guess on one of the web sites.


Noted. Static data (includes vessel names) is only transmitted to other AIS receivers at 6 minute intervals.
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