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Full Version: Does Raymarine offer a Replacement for this Chartplotter
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I have a E52304 Raynav Chartplotter manufactured in 2000 that has given up the ghost.

Is there a replacement (C series) that can replace and still work with the analog Raymarine radar?

I am enclosing two photos of the unit for easy identification.

Thank you
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Kaptajnen,

The subject display is a hsb2 Pathfinder Series Radar Display. These displays were retired over ten years ago and could have only been replaced with another hsb2 Pathfinder Series Radar Display if the system consisted of two or more hsb2 Pathfinder Series Displays. There is a remote possibility that the currently installed radar pedestal or radome having an analog video interface may have been compatible with the C-Series Classic MFDs (C70, C80, C120) or E-Series Classic MFDs (E80, E120) (all also retired several years ago) which succeeded the hsb2 Pathfinder Series Displays. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing whether your system's radome or open array pedestal may be compatible with a C-Series Classic MFD or E-Series Classic MFD.
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