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Raymarine forum - Can 4kw 24″ RD424HD Dome replace RD424D dome?

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Full Version: Can 4kw 24″ RD424HD Dome replace RD424D dome?
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I have a RD424D unit. Recently, someone put some weight on it getting into the tower. Result was the small plastic clips that hold the nut pieces broke so the upper dome will not seal. I was told by a raymarine tech that the lower dome from an HD unit is the same as the D model (I have access to a used one in good shape). Now the screws on the dome cover from the D model doe not want align with the HD lower. Am I missing something? Thanks
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Bigsampson,

You have not missed anything. The RD424D and RD424HD utilize the same radome case, lid, and seal.
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