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Full Version: Tacktick T121 to Airmar Transducers
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I have a Raymarine Tactick T121 that I would like to connect to an Analog Airmar Transducer ST850 (PN: 31-590-7-71)

The wires are:
RED (+voltage - speed),
BLACK (ground - speed),
GREEN (signal - speed),
YELLOW (thermistor - temp),
WHITE (thermistor - temp), and

How do these correspond to the connections on the T121?

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Bheintz,

TackTick products have been exclusively designed and tested for use with TackTick transducers. Unfortunately, use of third party transducers with TackTick products is not supported. Should Airmar have specified that one of their transducers is compatible with the TackTick T121 then it would be recommended that Airmar, Inc. ((603) 673-9570) be consulted for support to include support associated with any resulting performance issues.
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