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Full Version: Updating other Raymarine devices with Axiom
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Updating other devices on the SeaTalk network (such as the i70s) is not yet supported by the Axiom software. Any idea when this will be added? I've seen vague references to a quarterly update, though updates seem to be coming out quicker than that (yea!) -- are there specific dates set for "quarterly updates"?

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum chesley,

Thanks for the Axiom MFD product feedback and suggestion. This feature has been logged. Raymarine is days away from releasing the v3.1.96 LightHouse 3 software update for the Axiom MFDs. Unfortunately, the feature will not be included within the v3.1.96 LightHouse 3 software update, but will quite possibly be included within the next update. As you have suggested Raymarine has planned to release software updates at approximately quarterly intervals.

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