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Full Version: 2005 ST6001 Auto Pilot with Type 2 S linear drive
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Attached is a photo of my original broken Ray Marine autopilot pin/bolt and the replacement part that Ray Marine sent, (part # K065 - Front Anchorage S/ASSY). They said that this is the only part that they have for the Ray Marine Type 2 S Linear drive autopilot connecting the autopilot to the rudder quadrant.
You can see that the original pin/bolt that came with the boat is larger on the bolt end and has a longer spacer in the middle.
We called Ray Marine and they said to send an inquiry to the Forum. Please advise if there is another part we can order.
Thank You,
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Gary,

The shorter pin shown within the photo below is the pin which is sold by Raymarine for use with Raymarine's mechanical linear drives. Its part number is K065 and this pin may be ordered from an Authorized Raymarine Dealer. The longer (broken) pin shown within the photo below is manufactured for and packaged with Raymarine's hydraulic linear drives. Unfortunately, Raymarine does not separately sell this longer pin. However, the longer pin (Hypro Marine part# R3790) may be ordered/purchased from Hypro Marine.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1195]
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