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Full Version: SR150 gets hot and shuts down
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Hello Raymaine team,

My SR150 starting showing no connection message, I saw the unit was not showing any power lights on I unplugged the power and it turned backed on but the network light would not come on after about 2 min it shut down again.

I have checked power and its good, I swapped out the network cable with a new one nothing changed, I even swapped about the network cable location on the sea talk box.

At this point I think I have a bad unit and its about 1 year old. I tried to process a repair and the SR150 doesn't come up as a selected product for a repair. Is this the case? It was a 700 dollar unit that is 1 year old??

Please help Raymarine!!
Welcome to the Rayamrine Forum Chris,

We're sorry to learn of the reported problem. Raymarine products such as the SR150 carry a 2-year manufacturers warranty which may be extended to three years if the product is installed by a Certified Raymarine Installer or is registered by its owner within 30 days of purchasing the product or the boat having Raymarine electronics which were installed by the OEM. Should you be having difficulties with filling our the online form, then the SR150 may simply be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced. The package should include a note including a daytime phone number at which you may be contacted and a brief description of the problem or service to be performed.
Thanks I sent it in...now the wait :(
You're welcome.
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