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Full Version: AIS (and other data) to computer via USB
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I have just installed an AIS 650 transceiver, and all seems to be working correctly on my eS98 display.

I also have a secondary navigation system on a computer (Open CPN) that also seems to be functioning properly, but I would like to simplify the wiring.

Shipmodul Miniplex-lite USB connection to the computer. The Miniplex receives data as follows:

AIS Data . . . the 38400 baud pair on the AIS650 power cable is connected directly to the 38400 baud connectors on the Miniplex.

Other Data . . . NMEA 4800 connection on the Miniplex from a Raymarine E85001 PC/SeaTalk/NMEA Interface connected to SeaTalk1. The Interface box has Seatalk1 connected to the spare SeaTalk1 connection on our Smartpilot. The Smartpilot is connected to a "SeaTalk1 to SeaTalkng converter kit".

I'd like to remove the Miniplex and the PC/SeaTalk/NMEA Interface. The replacement would be an Actisense SeaTalkng to USB converter connected to the NG backbone and computer.

My question . . . will this do the same job as my current configuration.

Thanks in advance.


It is indeed quite possible that a SeaTalkng/NMEA 2000 to USB adapter may achieve the end which you are seeking, as all system data should be available via the SeaTalkng/NMEA 2000 backbone. However, the computer navigational software application would need to support NMEA 2000.
Thanks for reviewing my proposed system configuration. FYI, after a number of phone calls I have ordered an NGW-1-USB rather than the NGT-1-USB I thought was correct. This has to do more with OpenCPN (my PC software) that will not read NMEA2000 but requires NMEA0803. After it arrives I also must "flash" it's memory for proper AIS use.

I'll post an update as a reply when it is in and (hopefully) working. Might save others some research time.

The NGW-1-USB flashed to the AIS firmware worked perfectly.
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