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Full Version: E127 does not recognize SR6
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I have an E127 and Quantum Wi-Fi Radar running with no issues. I’m trying to add an SR6 to the mix and cannot get the display to recognize it.

When I search for new devices, I see the Quantum Wi-Fi Radar as connected over SeaTalk HS but the SR6 does not appear.

I’m connecting with a Raynet to RJ45 cable (A80151) and I see connectivity/activity lights on the SR6 but the status light is flashing amber twice suggesting that it is not connected to a display and confirmed by the fact I can't see it when I go to (HOME->SET-UP->MAINTENANCE->DIAGNOSTICS->SELECT DEVICE)

e127 is running v19.03

Any thoughts on how to get this to work?

I did research it before I purchased the SR6 (obviously used) and it appears to be compatible. http://www.raymarine.com/view/?id=5278

Think it could be a bad unit?
Hello clschwartz,

The SR6 Sirius Weather/network switch combination unit is compatible with Lighthouse II and should show up as long as it is selected as your specific weather device.

To select the SR6 as your weather device, follow these steps: From the home screen -> Setup -> System Settings -> External Devices -> Weather -> SR6

If your SR6 does not appear in your device list after selection try power cycling the display. If the SR6 does not appear within a few minutes after power cycling, the unit may be defective.

- Dave
Thanks Dave, that was the issue...

MFD was defaulted to SR150. Once I changed that to SR6, I could see it in the device list.

I'm up and running now!
You're welcome.
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