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Full Version: IcomM506 AIS to Axiom9
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I have connected to Nema2000 network, the icom receives gps data from the axiom, but can not seem to get data from the Icom to the Axiom. How do I turn AiS on? Can I check what nema 2000 items are on the network thru the axiom? How can I confirm the signal is on the network?

When operating with the latest available Raymarine product software updates, the default setting for displaying AIS targets within Axiom's Chart application is ON. Accordingly, no configuration setting should be required to have the MFD process data from it's NMEA 2000 port or display AIS target data within the Chart application.

At the time of this response LightHouse 3 software for Axiom MFDs did not feature NMEA 2000 or other communications diagnostics common to MFDs operating with LightHouse II software. We are trusting that the future diagnostic features within LightHouse 3 software will grow to eclipse those of LightHouse II software. For those having immediate diagnostic needs, it is recommended that other diagnostic tools be utilized. Please additionally be aware that the diagnostics features of the i70/i70S MFDs, p70/p70S, and p70R/p70RS devices are all cable of listing other networked SeaTalkng/NMEA 2000 devices. Alternatively, a NMEA 2000 analyzer (ex. Actisense NGT-1 w/PC running NMEA Reader software, etc.) may be used to assist in SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 diagnostics.
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