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Full Version: GPS date and tide station level
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My Axiom 7 indicates yesterday's date on the satellite page, but if I go to the navigating dashboard page, it indicates the correct date when I include "local date" on the screen. WHY?
The tide station indicates the wrong level. Why?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum tsmith,

Unlike the prior generations or Raymarine MFDs, Axiom MFDs and presumably any a/c/e/eS/gS-Series MFDs which will be compatible with LH3 software report local time rather than UTC within the MFD's "Satellites" dialog. That said, a problem has been verified with the date reported within the LH3 Satellites dialog in that the dialog is reporting yesterday's date rather than today's date. This erroneously appears to also be the date used within the Tide and current features. A problem report will be generated accordingly to seek correction of this problem within a future LH3 software update for the Axiom MFDs.
I'm having the same problem on a new Axiom 9. I've installed the newest software and that has not corrected it. What's next?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum rberley,

The LightHouse 3 v3.2.86 update for Axiom MFDs addressed all but one part of the problem specified within this thread ... i.e. the date reported within the GPS Satellite Status dialog. Should you display the Local Date or Local Time data item within the Data application or within a Databox you should find that the reported value is correct. Similarly, the tide and current data checked for several US East Coast tide and current stations appears to match that reported the Axiom MFD.

Should you have updated your Axiom MFD with the LightHouse 3 v3.2.86 update and have configured your MFD with the correct local time offset, then your results should match the results which I have specified above. Should there be local tide stations within your area which you find that your MFD is in disagreement with, then please list the locations (coordinates) of these tide or current stations and specify whether your are using Navionics or C-Map cartography with your Axiom MFD.
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