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Full Version: Axiom 7 RV Software update 3.1.96 issue
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I have an Axiom 7 RV that was running 3.0.60. I have an older BV744 transducer plugged directly into the Axiom using an adapter cable. I had no problems configuring it and getting it to work correctly. When I up dated the software to 3.1.96, I am having problems configuring the transducer. In the Sonar settings --> transducer page, it says "NONE" so I cannot set the Below Keel/Below Waterline/Below Transducer setting. I've tried selecting different transducer on initial set up, but that page always says "NONE" I am able to see the Sonar Display and depth, so I know it is recognizing the Transducer. I re-installed the older software 3.0.60 and the transducer page is displaying the info so I can configure the depth. So at this point in time, I'm stuck with the 3.0.60 version. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum jmcjmc817,

Please confirm that you can’t select the key that is currently listed as “none”? That is where one would then select the B744V. If that’s not working, then please respond accordingly. At that time, please respond with all information printed on the transducer's identification tag (located on the plug end of the transducer's cable).
I still cannot click on the "none" button, even though I'm getting readings from the transducer. The label on the cable says: 50/200 12/00 E66020 31-231-8-01 Rev 01 Pat# 4898029 &5186050

All the other tabs on the configuration page allow me to change those settings.

The reported symptoms will occur if the older transducer does not feature a sense lead within its design or the transducer's sense lead circuitry has failed. In such cases, the Fishfinder application's transducer selection will not be supported when viewing 50kHz/200kHz fishfinder imagery.
The transducer works fine under the software Axiom shipped with, (All configuration pages displayed correctly,) so I'm inclined to think it's a programming issue within the software update. I'll downgrade back to the older version and hope future software revisions will fix the issue.

You may want to consider performing a System Settings Reset (HOME->SETTINGS->THIS DISPLAY->SETTINGS RESET), and then selecting the transducer. Should doing so not address the problem, then it would be interesting to learn whether downgrading the MFDs software yielded any change.
It will be a couple of weeks before I'm back on the boat to try the reset. I'll let you know what happens at that point.
In my previous attempts to resolve this issue, I had updated the software and then downgraded it about five times. I even downloaded a new copy and installed that copy to see if that worked, however nothing worked. When I installed the older software, it worked every time. In both cases, the transducer works perfectly, it's just that I don't have access to the transducer page in the newer version (3.1.96)
I did a system reset but It still is not working... It still allows me to select sonar channel- B744 and it seems to be function okay, displaying the depth, etc. but in the system settings on the Transducer tab still says "None" on a button and clicking on it has no effect. When I downgrade the software to the original software that it shipped with, It does display the settings in the Transducer tab.

Following your report, Raymarine has identified a software defect affecting Axiom RV systems systems running the latest LightHouse 3 software and featuring the A80484 adapter cable to interface an a-series B744V fishfinder transducer. In such systems, the sonar will work 200khz and 50khz after a reset. However, "NONE" is displayed within Transducer dialog, preventing application of offsets.

A problem report has been logged to seek correction of this problem within a future LightHouse 3 software update.
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