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Full Version: S1000/s100 says no gps fix
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Has been working fine then yesterday press standby intializes then press pilot produces no gps fix??? Looks to be correct sequence on Sea talk NG converter. What needs to be checked? I checked power, converter and gps wires/cables. All seem to be affixed properly
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What make/model of GPS sensing device is installed within the system which has been interfaced to S1000?
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I am a friend of ubettcha and he is unavailable to get to a pc so to answer your question his system is connected to an Raymarine a78. I also will note that the menu item that needs to be associated with an auto pilot is selected. I will also say that he is in the process of checking all connections to the a78, and all power and battery connections as well.
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Follow-up: A78 I turned on autopilot in the menu and as of tonight I still have an X through the autopilot.

It is recommended that you begin by verifying that the MFD, SeaTalk to SeaTalkng Converter, and S1000 are each powered ON (ex. check the Status LEDs on the ST-STng Converter and S1000). If so, then what is the color and flash code of the ST-STng Converter and the S1000? Finally, what
versions of software are installed within the MFD and ST-STng Converter?
I updated to the latest 4 weeks ago and the ap worked for at least 8 or 9 trips.
The ourse computer is a solid green led. The seatalking ng converter is 4 even when the boat is not on. I will confirm later this morning the sequence when the standby is pressed to activate the pilot.
When I turn off the power switch it shows no link. When I turn it back on I still get the no gps fix

It is unclear what you are trying to convey in the statement "The seatalking ng converter is 4 even when the boat is not on." I need to know what the SeaTalk to SeaTalkng Converter's LED is colored and flashing when all equipment is powered ON. It is not necessary to command the MFD to perform navigation prior to examining the ST-STng Converter's LED.
When it is off I get a constant dash dash dash. Once you press standby and it finds the network I get a dash followed by 3dot dot dot or dash dash dot dot not sure if the second blink is a short one or a long one I think it is a longer followed by the 2 short ones. green led on the converter

Unfortunately, all indications on the ST-STng Converter indicate that it is functioning properly and transmitting SeaTalk packets. It is recommended that you verify that the ST-STng Converter has been powered via its Power Cable and that the SeaTalk power lead (red) of the S1000's SeaTalk cable has not been interfaced to the red lead of the SeaTalk Cable in turn has been interfaced to the SeaTalk port (yellow) of the ST-STng Converter. Please additionally verify that the SeaTalkng backbone has been terminated with the supplied blue SeaTalkng Termination Plugs. Communications between the MFD and ST-STng Converter may be verified by examining the Select Devices list. Should the ST-STng Converter be listed, then the MFD would be deemed to be communicating with the ST-STng Converter.

If a) interfaced as specified above, and b) the MFD is reporting that it has a GPS position FIX, and c) the MFD has been updated with v5.69 software, and d) the problem persists, then it would be recommended that the ST-STng Converter be tested with another product having a SeaTalk communications interface with may display GPS data (ex. ST60+ Graphic MFD), a C/E-Series Classic/Widescreen MFD, etc.) to isolate the problem to the SeaTalk to SeaTalkng Converter or to the S1000. Alternatively, the ST-STng Converter may be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced.
My configuration is the course computer is powering the seatalk ng converter and is the only thing that is being used. With just the input from the computer to the converter and output to the gps. I've run it this way since I put it on the boat last season. My first converter was replaced as it was not working. Should I purchase another one and send this one in? If that doesn't cure the issue I'm having what would be the next step?

I would recommend powering the ST-STng Converter in the manner which I have previously specified rather than from the SeaTalk port of the S1000 as you are presently ... whether or not you continue with the presently installed ST-STng Converter or with a replacement. Care should be taken when purchasing a new ST-STng Converter to ensure that it updated with the latest available Raymarine product software update prior to using it with the system.

Should the MFD be verified to be communicating with the ST-STng Converter and the replacement ST-STng Converter not correct the the problem, then it would unfortunately, point to a problem within the S1000's SeaTalk communications interface. Options would then include servicing the S1000 or instead using a NMEA 2000 to NMEA 0183 data bridging device (ex. Actisense NGW-1-ISO-STNG) to interface the S1000 to the system.
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