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RE: Mechanical Installation of drive unit
I recently had my ST 6000 unit reworked at Raymarine and am now re-installing it. Reviewing the manual I find it hard to believe but there are only installation instructions for the electrical connections and the control unit and absolutely nothing about the mechanical installation of the drive unit.
I have replaced the drive unit on the pivot rod and have extended the drive arm to its connection point on the rudder yoke. However, there is a loose nut just exiting the large part of the drive arm which looks like it should be tightened to the end of that part of the drive arm. However, what position should the arm be when that nut is tightened?
Your manual does not address this at all. Please help
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Robert,

What is the part number of the subject mechanical drive?
(08-22-17 04:03 PM)Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator Wrote: [ -> ]Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Robert,

What is the part number of the subject mechanical drive?

Part number is M81132 ( Obtained from Repair invoice #9299122863)
Repaired unit was shipped back to me on 11/12/2015

I believe that the information which you are seeking may be found on Chapter 2: Mounting the drive of the Mechanical Linear Drive Installation Instructions. The mid-stroke length may be established with the heim joint rotated fully in and then adjusted to an appropriate orientation to prevent binding when be mated to the tiller pin. After this orientation adjustment has been made, then heim joint's nut may be tightened against to shaft to maintain the desired orientation of the heim joint with respect to the tiller pin. As indicated within the mounting instructions, the linear drive must be installed in a manner such that when it is in the mid-stroke position (consult the manual for the specified mid-stroke length), the rudder is centered.
Thank you. I now realize that the instruction manual I had was for the control unit only. I will proceed and get back to you if I have anymmore4 questions
You're welcome.
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