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Full Version: Ray70 VHF - Low Battery Message
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Feature Suggestion - Ray70 VHF

When battery voltage temporarily dips below a voltage threshold (like during engine start) our Ray70 VHF and handheld remote will display a message similar to "Low Battery Voltage, Press OK to Resume". This message will display until "OK" has been pushed, regardless of current battery voltage. This behaviour is unlike our other Raymarine products (e7, i70) which seem to be unaffected by this temporary condition. It also appears that the Ray70 is fully functional, even though it is displaying a warning message.


1) Increase the low voltage sensitivity and/or delay before the message displays.
2) Self-clear the message once proper battery voltage has been restored.

Thank you for making such great products.

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Dan,

Depending on what is causing the reported loss of power, the proper solution may be isolation of the marine electronics as indicated here. As indicated within the referenced FAQ, the condition responsible for the voltage drop may have adverse effects on your electronics.
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