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Full Version: Old Depth Transducer and new ITC-5
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I recently acquired an 1986 Pearson 28-2 with an old working (but fading) Datamarine S-200DL depth sounder. The previous owner installed Raymarine A65 MFD with Seatalk NG network. I would like to connect the depth gauge to the network. I have an ITC-5. Can I connect the old Airmar A-111 depth transducer that currently feeds the Datamarine depth sounder to the iTC-5? It is my understanding that current A-111 is a 210 kHz depth transducer. Is the ITC-5 able to digitize this output and place it on the network?

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Mark,

Unfortunately, the iTC-5 is exclusively designed to support use with compatible 200kHz depth transducers. It is recommended that the currently installed transducer be replaced with one of the analog instrument depth transducers found Raymarine’s web site. If an iTC-5 is installed, then an i70S MFID must also be installed. Alternatively, an i50 Depth System or i50 Tridata System may be interfaced to the MFD.
Thank you for your speedy reply. This forum is very helpful.

Just curious, if I did hook the old transducer to the new ITC-5, is the data returned just random inaccurate nonsense or is there some conversion possible on the data returned? Or is it electrically damaging to either the iTC-5 and/or the old depth transducer?

While I don't suspect that any damage may have occurred to the iTC-5, the difference in expected transducer frequency is likely responsible for the reported symptom. No adjustments for depth transducer frequency are supported/provided within this product. Per my initial response, It is recommended that the currently installed transducer be replaced with one of the analog instrument depth transducer's found Raymarine’s web site.
Thanks again Chuck for your prompt response. I did not mean to suggest any damage occurred with either the old transducer or the new ITC-5. I did not connect them together out of concern that I might cause damage to either unit. Next haul out, it will be time to upgrade some very old parts to my new old boat, one of which will be the depth transducer.
You're welcome.
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