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Full Version: Which raymarine autopilot
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Please help me in determining which autopilot I need. I have a 22 ft starcraft islander about 3000 pounds it has cable steering with power assist. Raymarine told me I should be able to use a wheel driven autopilot depending on my steering wheel. I am adding a picture of the steering wheel which is about 15 inches in diameter. I also am wondering if I need a certain type of steering cable. Also the back of the steering wheel has some component still on it from what I think was a previous autopilot. I will include a picture of this as well.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Mike,

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. From your photos, it appears that there is a helm mounted autopilot drive unit, possibly an Octopus Type S/T Helm Mechanical Drive.

It is recommended that the autopilot drive be inspected to determine the make/model of mechanical autopilot helm drive which is presently installed.
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