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Full Version: p70s Incorrect Display of EV-1 Compass Deviation Value?
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This is a minor issue and may stem from s/w configuration.

I have an Axiom 9 networked to an EV-1/ACU-100 Wheel Pilot via a STng network. The EV-1 is the only source of heading info. The EV-1 compass linearization was performed successfully (4 degrees of deviation) but did not perform “Align Compass GPS” due to good agreement between ships compass and EV-1 magnetic heading. Axiom has v3.1.96, EV-1 v1.11, ACU-100 v1.12 and p70s v3.06.

At the p70s using Menu > Set-up > Diagnostics>About Pilot>Details, the correct deviation is displayed by the EV-1. Also at the p70s using Menu > Set-up > Diagnostics>About System and selecting the “This Display, Raymarine p70s Control Head”>Details, the correct deviation is also displayed. But when selecting Menu > Set-up > Diagnostics>About Display>Details, the deviation value only shows “- - -“. This data is identical to that in the “This Display, Raymarine p70s Control Head”>Details, but without the deviation.

The Axiom correctly displays the deviation. Attachments of screen captures included.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=1271]

Thanks for pointing out this issue. I have been able to duplicate it and a problem report will be generated accordingly.
Thanks again for looking into this Chuck. I greatly appreciate the effort your team puts in to improving "our" systems.
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