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Full Version: Need advice
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WE have a new to us boat and i need some help plz.
raymarine c 80 with a ST 6001 auto pilot. The radome is a 18" old style. we are thinking about upgrading to an newer system because this one is we think a 2005 -2006 ish. we do not fish at all, the boat will spent most of its time at lake erie. Don't know what the best upgrade would be the boat is a 34' Four winns. There is a lot of options and i have no clue. Please help with what would best.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Mark,

If seeking a similar sized Multifunction Display, it would be recommended that an e95 MFD or eS95 MFD and a RD418HD radome be considered. The eS-Series MFDs are the successors to the e-Series MFDs and as such incorporate the latest hardware improvements to the e/E-Series MFD lineage. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. As you can see from the referenced FAQ the autopilot which you have referenced may be adapted for use with the new MFD.
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