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Full Version: Lighthouse III Oil Pressure Data
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Hi guys... I have an e127 and Axiom 12 RV installed on my helm. Both units are running the latest software available. I'm using a Mercury NMEA 2000 gateway to provide engine data to both MFDs.

On the e127, all engine data is present, including oil pressure. However, the Axiom is not showing oil pressure (see attached pics).

I've tried to edit the page to see if there are other oil pressure options available, however, the circular engine data graphic that contains the gears, oil, water, RPM info, does not appear to be editable.

Any thoughts or suggestions on how to get the Axiom to display oil pressure?

Thanks in advance.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum trush640,

I'm a bit confused, as your screen capture of the Axiom MFD appears to correctly show blue arrows outboard of the RPM ring indicating oil pressure of approximately 50 PSI for each engine. Did I misunderstand your report?

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1285]
My apologies Chuck... I meant Engine Temperature! I've corrected the Post Subject as well.
Thanks for the correction. Unfortunately, the graphically represented engine gauges cannot be modified to display other data items. However, the numerical data cells (ex. depth, battery voltage, SOG) may be modified to display engine oil temp instead of the data items which are currently indicated.
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