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Full Version: Axiom 12 RV Time Offset Issue with RS150
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I am using a RS150 for GPS position data because the installation location of my Axiom 12 does not provide a sufficient GPS fix using the built-in GPS sensor.

Using the current Axiom software (v3.1.96) the setting of the UTC time offset will not survive a power cycle. I have to manually reset the UTC time offset every time I power on the unit.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Ruder,

We have been unable to duplicate the reported problem within our systems and believe that it may be possible that one of the other devices within your system is responsible for the reported issue. This problem may be fault isolated by temporarily unplugging all devices except for the MFD and Raystar 150 GPS Sensor from the SeaTalkng backbone, powering the system ON, setting the local time offset, switching the MFD OFF, and then switching the MFD back ON again. Should the problem persist thereafter, then it would be recommended that the software level of each of the system's other SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 devices be determined and that the software of any device not found to be current be updated and that the system then be tested again. Should the problem persist thereafter, then please attach a system diagram to this thread identifying each of they system's devices (including computers running navigational software applications), their respective versions of software, and how these devices have been interfaced to one another.
I will try disconnecting some of the devices from the Seatalkng backbone when at the boat this weekend. FWIW Here is my system:

Seatalkng Backbone

SPX10 v3.05
ST70 Pilot Head v3.04
E22158 SeaTalk one to SeaTalkng converter v2.03
Actisense NGW-1


Raymarine Digital Radome

Seatalkng Converter

Raymarine SmartController

Actisense NGW-1

Thanks for the additional feedback. Within my prior response, I neglected to specify that should the problem persist when the system has been reduced to the MFD and Raystar 150 GPS Sensor, then it would be recommended that the MFD be Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced for a possible memory issue.
Hopefully that is not the case.

As requested I have attached a complete diagram so you can also see how the SeatalkNG backbone is laid out.

You're welcome. The only comment that I have regarding the diagram is that we would not typically recommend that a SPX-10 autopilot course computer power a SeaTalkng backbone which consisted of more than a few devices. Accordingly, it is recommended that the SeaTalkng power switch of the SPX-10 be moved to the OFF position. A SeaTalkng Power cable should then be connected to a switched 12VDC power circuit and then connected to an unused spur socket within the backbone.
I will make the requested power configuration this weekend. Thanks for the information!
You're welcome.
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