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Full Version: ST70/SPX10 and Axiom 12 RV (v3.1.96)
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After the update of v3.1.96 on the Axiom 12 RV I am no longer able to access the configuration screen (i.e. compass offset) of the autopilot on the ST70 when the Axiom 12 is powered on. If I power on the ST70 with the Axiom 12 powered off I am able to access the screen up until the time I power on the Axiom 12.
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The diagnostics feature of the ST70 Autopilot Control Head may be used to determine the software level within compatible SeaTalkng devices. What version of software is installed within the ST70 Autopilot Control Head? What version of software is installed within the SPX10.
SPX10 v3.05
ST70 Pilot Head v3.04

Thanks for the requested information within your two recent threads. Raymarine's engineering team will also be attempting to duplicate both of these issues. This and our your other thread will be updated with the engineering team's findings.
Appreciate it Chuck! Neither of the issues really impact me that much and I absolutely love the Axiom! I posted both issues because I know Raymarine is still developing the Lighthouse III software and should at least be aware of the issues.

This weekend I am going to try swap the Actisense-NGW-1 with an Alltek NK-80 as it seems the NK-80 supports Bidirectional DSC sentences. I will let you know if removing the NGW-1 clears up either issue.
Issue was fixed with latest software update (v3.2.86).
Thanks for the update to this thread.
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