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Full Version: Radar does not show targets
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Hi everyone,

I have a 4KW color radar with a couple of C140W displays, yesterday was using the radar and everything was fine, this morning starter early again and at first the screen said "No data source" turned everything off and on, and the no data source went away, after that I got the count down as usual but when I started the radar no picture nor targets were displaying only little blue dots everywhere, I again turned everything off but this time I turned off the battery switches for a long period of time, after that nothing, here is a picture of what the screen shows, a bunch of little blue dots.

radar info:
E52069 0720048
4 ft open array
Also attached another picture with radar scanner info from the display.

Please what do you think it might be and how could be solved?

Thanks Troy.
If you turn the GAIN to manual, what is the number it is set at? What happens when you increase toward 100?
Hi Steve,
Thanks for your reply, the setting was at 45, when I turn it to 100 it is exactly the same, blue dots everywhere.
Unfortunately this point toward internally to the radar, and I would have to recommend the radar be sent to the below address to be evaluation by a service technician for repair.

Raymarine Service Center
9 Townsend West
Nashua, NH 03063

Include in the box:
Daytime Phone
Return address
Brief description of the issue
Will send it over and update the forum once fixed.
You're welcome.
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