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Full Version: Axiom v3.2.86 usb accessory
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Axiom v3.2.86 usb accessory says out of memory after 4gb of video recordings, have tried a 8gb and 16gb drive in exfat and fat32 formats, have reformatted in ntfs but have not tried. is this a natural limitation of either the accessory port or using a usb drive? would a sdcard be able to be seen and used above 4gb?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum qbayle,

MicroSD memory cards used with Axiom MFDs (run LightHouse 3 software) must be formatted with a FAT32 or NTFS file system. MicroSD memory cards used with MFDs running LightHouse II software must be formatted with a FAT32 file system. Did you configure the Axiom MFD to record to the external memory card (MENU->CAMERA SETTINGS->PHOTO & VIDEO RECORDING->SAVE FILES TO)?
Yes I did configure that way. But after 4gb of data stored when trying to record another video or save a picture it says full or out of space (cant remember exact verbiage). Move the disk to a PC and there is still 4gb available on the gb disk and 12gb available on the 16gb disk.

I have duplicated the reported feature. A problem report / feature request has been submitted to permit storage of video and screen captures to be permitted up to the capacity of the microSD memory card being used.
Perfect, thank you. I tried several formats and allocation sizes tonight ,all with the same result.
You're welcome.
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