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Full Version: [CA11] Sea Calibrating the P70R autopilot
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I purchased a boat with the P70R autopilot with the corresponding manuals. The compass heading tends to not match the GPS by anywhere from 2 to 30 degrees. I was following the instructions to calibrate the compass and was able to do the Dock config ok, but, when I went to the sea config that option was not showing up in the menu. Am I doing something wrong or is there a different way to configure the instrument?
Here is the new files

Per our conversation, the software level within each of your autopilot's components appears to be up to date. However, the MFD's software should be updated to v19.03. It is recommended that a Pilot Factory Reset be commanded via the autopilot's control head, that the Dockside Wizard (see link to FAQ above)) be executed again, that the Speed Input configuration setting (MENU->SET-UP->AUTOPILOT CALIBRATION->VESSEL SETTINGS->SPEED INPUT) be configured to SOG, that the Bearing Mode (on the MFD (HOME->SET-UP->SYSTEM SETTINGS->SYSTEM PREFERENCES->BEARING MODE) be set to MAGNETIC, and that the vessel then be taken out for a cruise to permit the autopilot to determine the deviation field sensed by the EV-1 CCU. As indicated the Detecting Magnetics feature displayed on the Autopilot's Control Head will show progress toward completion of sensing magnetics, and upon completion report the maximum deviation sensed by the EV-1 CCU, note this value ... we are targeting a location which will yield a maximum deviation of 9.9 degrees or less. The autopilot's compass should then be aligned per the FAQ referenced above.
That worked Thank you
You're welcome.
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