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Full Version: CP570 wont turn on
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Had a CP570 with a LH109 transducer and A98 installed in Feb. Went out of town for a month and now the CP570 won't turn on.
Is there a reset somewhere?
Working fine when I left.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum flbluerunner,

Please note that Raymarine MFDs are not designed to supply power to external fishfinder sounder modules. Correspondingly, troubleshooting should begin with checking the CP570's Status LED to verify whether it is illuminated, signaling that the CP570 is powered. If not, then it is recommended that you verify that the power circuit which has been installed to supply power to the CP570 is energized by unplugging the CP570's power cable and then measuring the voltage at the cable's plug.

If the CP570's Status LED is illuminated and the problem persists, then please specify the color of the CP570's Status LED and flash code (see page 43 of the CP470/570 Installation Instructions).
Got it working, love it.
You're welcome.
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