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Full Version: What to do with YELLOW cable?
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Installing a new ES127, discovered I needed to snake a 5m Spur cable thru a pedistal tube. Cut the cable and fished it out, only to find out that it was not long enough to get to a terminal block. West Marine gave me a Spur-to-Stripped End cable. No problem. Used (old stock) Raymarine junction box (white for old SeaTalk cable), but when mating both cables, the Spur cable has a YELLOW Cable, and the Spur-to Stripped End does not. What gives?? Is the Yellow cable connected to any of the other cables???
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum snfriends,

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing the leads found within a SeaTalkng Spur Cable. As you can see, the spur cable's extra lead is a SeaTalk data lead. This lead would come into play when connecting a device supporting SeaTalk communications protocol to a device supporting both SeaTalk and SeaTalkng/NMEA 2000 communications protocols (but not both simultaneously) such as an i70S MFID or p70S Autopilot Control Head. When used to interface devices which will be communicating via SeaTalkng communications protocol, this lead is not used. Accordingly, should your system feature only devices supporting SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 communications protocol, then this lead would not be used and may simply be insulated to prevent shorting.

Please additionally note that the maximum permissible total length for a spur is 6m.
CHUCK: Yes, this is wiring which goes between A p70S (second) control head which needed to be cut so that it could get thru a bulkhead. Which STNG cable has 7 leads (including the YELLOW)? Do I cut and splice a standard cable (A06039) or do I need to acquire Stripped End Cable (A06044). Thanks. (I think that I have used one of each which kills the Autopilot...(no Response) THANK YOU..

Unlike a SeaTalkng Spur Cable having SeaTalkng Spur plugs on each end, the Stripped End Spur Cables do not feature the yellow lead which you have referenced. Accordingly, if needing to use the cable to install an i50, i60, i70S, p70S, or P70RS which will perform SeaTalk communications rather than a SeaTalkng communications, then it would be recommended that an appropriate length SeaTalkng Spur Cable having SeaTalkng Spur plugs on each end be used to interface the i50, i60, i70S, p70S, or P70RS devices to one another. While Raymarine does not generally recommend cutting cables if it can be avoided, SeaTalkng Spur Cables may be cut and then spliced back together should the installation require doing so.
CHUCK, now I fully understand the pitfalls of using a Stripped End Spur Cable. THANKS more than you will ever know!
You're welcome.
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