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Full Version: Need Wind Transducer Cable
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The connector on my wind transducer has corrosion. The result is my I60 wind instrument does not work. I had the head unit checked by Raymarine and have a new transducer. While at the top of the mast I was able to jiggle the connection and it work but then stopped. I had corrosion on the pins. Bottom line I need to replace my cable. I need an cable approximately 50' long.
Can you tell me the part number?
Is there anyway to splice in a new connector at the mast head so I don't have to pull a whole new cable?
We don't just sell the masthead cable separately. It is masthead base and cable hardwired to the base, and comes is 98 feet (30M) of cable. Part number E22078.

It is not recommended to splice the cable but it is done in the industry all the time, usually at the bottom of the mast for stepped masts. Just make sure you pay close attention when doing the splice because it will effect the performance of the wind data produced.
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