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Full Version: A78 MFD rebooting
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I have an A78, while out on the water it will start acting like it is lagging, gets choppy. Sometimes it will smooth back out, but at other times it will restart. This can happen 2-3 times an hour. I have the latest version as well.

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Reeltime,

Should the MFD have been updated with the latest available Raymarine product software update and should the problem persist, then it would be recommended that your data stored within the MFD be backed up, system settings noted, error logs erased (HOME->SET-UP->MAINTENANCE->DIAGNOSTICS->ERASE ERROR LOGS), and that a System Settings & Data Reset (HOME->SET-UP->MAINTENANCE->SYSTEM SETTINGS & DATA RESET) be performed to restore operation. Should the problem persist thereafter, then it would be recommended that the newly created error logs be saved and attached to this thread for further analysis. Please additionally save and attach the system's Diagnostics...html file to your post.
Thank you, seems to be working ok at this time.
You're welcome.
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