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Full Version: Track data being discarded
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We have an e95 in a system with Evolution Autopilot, AIS650, two i70s, digital radar and older ST60 instruments fed thru an ST - STng converter. Everything is up-to-date for firmware according to your site.

Lately (perhaps since I installed ver 19 firmware), I've noticed a problem with my tracks - since I shut down the MFD when we stop/moor/anchor, I have noticed that when I start up again in the morning, the track display is not showing us the last bit of track into the anchorage. For example, we anchored two nights ago and when I turned it on in the morning, the previous day's track ended about 1/2 mile away, out in the channel. I wondered if my habit of turning the MFD off right away might be the problem, so yesterday I left it on for several hours after we stopped. This made no real difference - I observed that the track line display showed complete to our dockside position, then shut the unit off. I immediately turned it back on again, and the displayed track line ended perhaps 1/4 mile back along our path.
I have the tracks set to .05 mile intervals, so this represents quite a few track points being lost/discarded. The track display is unchanged no matter which chart I'm using - I am assuming this is an MFD internal function.

Most of the time this is simply an annoyance, but on occasion, it would be nice to see the line where we entered the anchorage, as we might want to follow it back out (things are shallow here in the Chesapeake sometimes :) ).

Thank You!

S/V Atsa
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Hartley,

The reported symptom will be logged within a problem report to permit an associated correction to be considered for inclusion within a future software update. As a workaround, it is strongly recommended that the option to save an important track be exercised prior to switching the equipment OFF. At some later time should the track no longer be needed, then it may be deleted.
Hi Chuck,

Thank You! I always have my tracks saved, though I don't do it after every voyage. I will try that prior to shut-down next time, and see if it records the entire track.

You're welcome.
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