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Full Version: ST4000 Helm sticking in Standby
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Raymarine ST4000 Auto Pilot

Problem: In recent months the wheel sticks when the auto pilot (ST4000) is in stand-by. A slight tug releases the wheel. Sometimes a “clink” or gear sound is heard at the time of release. When the navigation instruments are switched off the wheel always turns freely with the slightest touch. On rare occasions the wheel operates without sticking. Sometime after hand steering for a time (auto pilot in standby), and then holding the wheel in a fixed position for a time I have noticed it becomes stuck when I next go to turn the wheel. What I have done to problem solve:

Put it in Auto and back to standby several times.
Checked all connections leading to the wheel mechanism
If using my remote (100) I made sure it was in standby, but usually the remote is off or has not been in use
Thinking there is a conflict with the Raymarine a75 I turned off the autopilot in settings in the a75
After going from Auto to Standby and disengaging the wheel lever I waited for a short time before attempting to turn the wheel just to be sure the autopilot had time to disengage.
Turned all Nav instruments off for a time then later or the next day turned them on, leaving the autopilot in standby, and without changing any settings.

Cliff Hynniman
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Cliff,

The symptoms described appear to be indicative of a failure within the wheel drive, possibly within its gearbox. Accordingly, it is recommended that the wheel drive be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced.
What should be sent; just the circular drive on the wheel? Or that plus the horizontal cylinder attached to the circular drive?

The entire wheel drive assembly should be sent in ... this consist of the plastic circular wheel drive and the cylindrical motor assembly which you have referenced.
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