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Full Version: Adding wind to RaceMaster and interfacing with Expedition
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I currently have the T075 Racemaster on my Express27. Will be doing the PacCup in 2018 and want to interface with my laptop running expedition.

My question is, can I add wind instruments to the T075 Racemaster or is just getting a new wireless display (T215). Is there a wireless interface for getting all the data via NMEA?

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Jeff,

While it is technically possible to simply add a TackTick Wind Transducer to the system to add wind, the size of the numerals that will be used to display the wind data will be relatively small. It would typically be recommended that the system additionally include a T112 Multifunction Wireless Analogue Display when adding wind data.
Thank you Chuck, so a T101-916 which has - T112 Micronet Analogue Display
T120 Micronet Wind Transmitter. This would be what I want.

I still need to get wind & speed into Expedition. Is there a wireless way to accomplish this?


As TackTick products cannot themselves communicate wirelessly third party products and computers, it will be necessary to first add a NMEA 0183 communications interface (via the TackTick T122 Wireless Interface) to which a third party NMEA 0183 to Wi-Fi communications interface may then be connected.
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