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Full Version: eS98 MFD Chart Stuck in North Up?
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Last trip out, my chart plotter was stuck in North up mode. I could not get it into Heading or Course up. I could select other modes in the chart menu but they did not "take".

Tried reboot, power off, etc. No luck, stuck in North up all day.

Any help?

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Wooly,

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. Should the Chart application's Chart Synch feature (MENU->PRESENTATION->CHART MODE & ORIENTATION->CHART SYNCH) be configured to RADAR or CHART, then it will also not be possible the change the Chart orientation.
Woolymonster, I have experienced exactly the same problem. The "canned" answer from Raymarine did not address the problem with my system.

Have you had any luck? Mine used to work fine and then stopped.
Ron Harr

Has your MFD been interfaced to a source of heading data? Did you verify that the Chart Synch feature referenced within my response to Wooly has been configured OFF?
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