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I am unable to remove the display of what I believe are wave heights when using the chart application on my MFD.

I have system consisting of the following components: eS128, eS97, RD424HD, CP470, SR150 and EV-200 Autopilot. All are networked via STng and HS-5 switch. All components are updated to current software versions as of 10/7/2017.

When using the "chart" application on either display, it appears that the "wave heights" feature is turned, and I cannot find how to turn it off. The "overlays" page lists "NOWrad" as the only weather-related feature, and neither changing the transparency nor hiding this overlay has any effect. When I hide wave heights in the display graphics menu of the weather app, it only affects that app, but not the overlay in the "chart" app. I know that I must be missing a simple step somewhere, but I want the option of looking at a "clean" chart when navigating.

Thank you!!
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Stan,

The MFD's Chart application is not designed to support overlaying the chart with any weather graphics layers other than NOWRAD. You may want to consider performing a System Settings Reset (HOME->SET-UP->MAINTENANCE->SYSTEM SETTINGS RESET) to restore the MFD to its factory settings. Alternatively, should you use the MFD's Screen Capture feature (POWER->SCREEN CAPTURE) to capture the screen's image to a .png file to be stored on the microSD memory within the MFD's memory card reader, and then attach the .png file to this thread for further analysis, then we may be able to advise you further.
I'll grab a screen capture next time I'm at the boat...Probably not for a couple of weeks.
Bringing this thread back because after months of no issues, the problem has come back. This screenshot is from my iPhone; but I am getting the same problem on both MFDs and the Navionics app on my iPhone. It doesn't matter which Navionics chart I select, the shading is there for all of them. The view looks the same on all three devices.

I am running the latest software, and my Navionics subscription is current. I have searched the forums on both Navionics web site and Raymarine, but could not find this problem listed.

I would really like to clean up my display...

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing the reported shading within the MFD's Chart application. Regarding the appearance of shading within the Navionics Boating app, I suspect that you will find that it too has been caused by an incomplete update to the Navionics cartography (downloaded from the Internet by the Navionics Boating app) displayed within the Boating App. That said, I would recommend contacting Navionics (508-291-6000) for further clarification of the shading as it appears within the Navionics Boating app.
Thank you! I believe the FAQ describes exactly what is happening.

You're welcome.
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