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Full Version: big trouble i think, hoping
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hiall, i have a trawler that has the old round datamarine depth and speed.

all the rest of my tronics are raymarine so i found out that the transducers are 250khz which is called for raymarine, so i bought working raymarine st40 depth and sd40 speed. ok,,,, so
the seatalk cable on the back of the st40s are my power and just plug in.

now, i cut the transducer cable off of the old depth unit (about 4'' from the plug in on my datamarine depth) and **** it is different than what the raymarine plug in area on the st40 depth. it has 3 slots, a black, a red and a uncoated wire.......the transducer cable i cut has what looks like a tv cable, tinned wire twisted around a plastic tube with a single copper wire inside. hoping someone can help me figure how to get that transducer cable hooked up to the back of my st40 depth. tks cpt.craig
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum silentfaith,

Raymarine ST40, ST60, i40, i50, iTC-5, and ST290 Depth Pods are not designed to function with 250kHz depth transducers. These depth sounding products are designed exclusively for use with analog 200kHz depth transducers, such as those found here.
thanks for the info.
looks like i need to buy a in hull transducer p79, where can i buy one at the lowest cost?

Unfortunately, while the P79 instrument transducer may be applicable ST60, i40, i50, iTC-5, and ST290 Depth Pods, the i40/ST40 Depth/Bidata Instruments do not output sufficient power to be used with in-hull depth transducers. Should an i40/ST40 Depth/Bidata Instrument be installed onboard the vessel then it should be interfaced to a thru-hull transducer. Should hauling the boat be a concern, and should your hull thickness/composition be able to accommodate the P79, then you may want to instead consider installing an i50 Depth Display, as it is designed with sufficient power to be used with in-hull transducers such as the P79. Regarding product pricing, I suggest that you shop the Internet for the best price.
thanks again chuck, i was wrong about the khz i have , it is a 200khz transducer. does that change your answers? still need to hook up the black, blue, and uncoated wire to my st40 depth from the cut end of the datamarine transducer described in my first post. would hate to lift boat and make another [censored] in my boat.

From the information which we were able to locate on the Internet, most Datamarine products utilized transducers operating at 120kHz or 210kHz and have no information concerning the circuitry or wiring of Datamarine transducers. We are not aware of any 200kHz depth transducers utilized by Databmarine depth sounding products and Raymarine does not support interfacing any transducers other than compatible Raymarine and Airmar transducer ... the latter of which may be recommended to Gemeco, Inc. (Airmar’s US distributor (803 693 0777)) for support.
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