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Full Version: AIS650 Network Install
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Adding AIS 650 to new Axiom Network.

All other components tied into switch.

AIS networked via N2K: Can it go straight across 2 MFD's via the MFD spur cables to a backbone w T connector?

Or does it have to go to a STng Hub and network in with the MFDs at that point?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum moonzy1,

Should the MFD's be interfaced to one another via an Ethernet network switch, then the Data Master MFD and AIS650 will each be interfaced as an individual spur to a powered and properly terminated SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 backbone. The Data Master MFD will in turn transmit the AIS data received to the non-Data Master MFDs via the Ethernet communications network.
I understand
Thank you
You're welcome.
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