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Full Version: GPS position is wrong
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The gps position on the vhf/dsc is wrong. Our location is N50 W125 and on radio it shows N40 W50. My question has the older ST50+ GPS receiver failed. If it has failed what can I replace it with on my Setalk system? Thank for any and all help
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Ray,

Unfortunately, the equipment which you have listed is no longer supported. That said, I suspect that the problem is more likely rooted in the GPS than in the VHF radio. One may verify whether this is the case by interfacing a device capable of inspecting the NMEA 0183 transmissions to the VHF radio. You may want to alternatively contact a Certified Raymarine Installer to perform the fault isolation and provide a solution.

Raymarine no longer manufactures GPS sensors which are capable of being interfaced to the specified products. It was recommended that JRC's 112 (discontinued) or 212 (http://www.jrc.co.jp/eng/product/marine/...212_out... ) exclusively be used as a replacement GPS sensor. Should the 212 no longer be offered, then it is recommended that JRC be contacted as we have received customer feedback that the latest version of the 224 (Part No. JLR-4341) may be use in place of a JRC 112 or 212 GPS Sensor.
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