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Full Version: Ray70 Channel Display Issues
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I have a Ray70 installed on a brand new sailboat. The radio itself works fine. The display shows some of the channels incorrectly.

For example. Channel 16 is displayed correctly; If I go to channel 18, the display read 1018.

This occurs with some of the other channels as well.

How do I fix this issue?

Thank you.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Yamsailor,

Your VHF radio appears to be correctly displaying the VHF channel numbers. Please click here to view the USCG's list of U.S. VHF Channels.
OK--thanks. The 2nd Station mic shows "10 X_) meaning it displays the first 3 digits and the fourth digit is cut off due to the font size. Is there anyway to change the font size for the channels on the 2nd station mic?

The issue of the Raymic not displaying all digits of the channel was addressed within the latest software update to the Ray70 & Raymic. It is correspondingly recommended that the boot loader software and application software within you Ray70 and Raymic be updated accordingly.
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