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Full Version: Subbing ST290 DPU with IPS DPU
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As the title suggests. Helping a friend with his ST290 system, DPU is DOA. Looking around, there is an abundance of inexpensive IPS DPUs which have all of the same connections. It would be great if one could be used in place of the harder to find and more costly ST290 DPU. Is there any hardware or software differences preventing us from using an IPS DPU on ST290?

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum OTR,

Unfortunately, both the firmware and hardware within the ST290 DPU differs from that found within the IPS DPU. Please additionally note that Raymarine can no longer support ST290 products.
Thanks for the quick response. I know it’s an old system, we are just trying to keep it on “life support” now.

Thanks again.
You're welcome.
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